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19.04.2013, 11:06

2nd Information letter

IV International Symposium

Aien species in holarctic

(borok – 4)



 Dear ________________________________________________

We are honored to invite to participate in the Symposium.

Your presentation(s)


is (are) included in the Symposium program accepted as oral (poster) presentation.

The decision on the status of the presentation (either plenary of section) will be made after you will provide the presentation abstract. You will be informed about the decision after 30 of April 30..

Please note: the deadline for the application of presentations is prolonged till 30 of April.

We kindly remind you the abstracts should be provided in two languages, English and Russia. The details of the Abstract format are presented at the Symposium web site.


Please inform the Symposium steering committee on the possibility of personal participation in the Symposium not later than 30 of April.

Please provide the following:

1. Please inform the steering committees if you need the official (formal) invitation on the behalf of Institute for the Biology of Inland Waters, Russian Academy of Sciences.

2. Please inform about your food preferences:

- Vegetarian food;

-  Meat and/or fish (please delete inappropriate);

-  Food including specific meet (beef, pork, chicken - please delete inappropriate).

3. If you plan to proceed to Borok via Moscow please inform us if you need to reserve for you the seat in the Moscow to Borok bus in Spetember 22 and Borok to Moscow bus in September 28В случае Вашего следования в Борок через Москву просим сообщить о необходимости резервирования для Вас места в автобусе Москва-Борок на 22 сентября и Борок-Москва на 28 сентября.

4. Please address all enquiries concerning the visa support to Irina Yu. Feneva.  


Symposium fee of 3000 Rubles (US$100, 75) and/or 1000 Rubles (or equivalent in US dollars or Euros) will be spent to cover the organizational expenses and for publishing the abstracts.

The fee should be paid before 1st of August 2013. Please send the fee to; Elena N. Pakunova IBIW RAS, 152742 Borok, Nekouzskiy Raion, Yaroslavskaya Oblast, Russia. Please provide your name and include the mark "Symposium Fee”.

The planned cultural program of the Symposium will include:

- Excursions in the museums and city tour in Uglich, the ancient Russian city on the Volga River banks. (http://www.visituglich.com/info/museums/);

- Excursion on the Rybinsk Reservoir aboard of the IBIW RAS RV "Academician Topchiev”.

- Visits to the laboratories of museums of IBIW RAS (http://ibiw.ru/;  http://www.borok.ru/institute.shtml)


Main contact:

Lyubov U. Tereschenko

e-mail: borok4@gmail.ru

phone/fax: +(48547)24570

Additional contacts:

Yury V. Slynko

e-mail: syv@ibiw.yaroslavl.ru

phone: +(48547)24570

Alexander V. Krylov

e-mail: krylovamik@gmail.com

phone: +(48547)24124 (многоканальный)

Irina Yu. Feneva

e-mail: feniova@mail.ru

phone: 8 916 9272885

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